Parsley TV

A browser based video monitoring platform for watching & sharing live video feeds of your pets.

Ninja Linka

URL Shortening Service and Digital Marketing platform using a network of Ninja Themed emoji domains.


Bool connects your desktop to a webhook endpoint allowing you to inspect & redirect incoming HTTP requests.

Saas Ninja

Easy to configure, cloud-based tools that supercharge the sales, monitoring & development of SaaS Products.

Buffalo Lang

Buffalo is an esoteric programming language created by Daniel Givney and inspired by William J. Rapaport.

ASM Tutor

A series of NASM 64bit assembly language tutorials focusing on the linux kernel for beginners - intermediate.

Chase Research

A mobile app that harnesses the power of cloud computing & big data to predict racing outcomes throughout Asia Pacific.

Online resume of Daniel Givney. A Software Developer and IT Manager with over 10+ years of experience.